Inspired by Trees

Good morning! Monday morning here in New Zealand but no Monday blues for me despite the dismal weather! I was inspired by these colourful autumn trees partnered with a lovely poem and it made my day.  I received permission very promptly from “DailyMusings” to share the post and got straight on with publishing, in the hope that you’ll enjoy it as much I do!

The photo is taken in a nature preserve in northern New Jersey, about 15 mins from NYC. Marvellous!

I’ve copied the poem below the photo as it may be easier for you to read. The photographer did not write the poem.

Original Blog Post (17 Aug 2017):     Nurturing Thursday

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Be Like A Tree
Stay Grounded
Connect With Your Roots
Turn Over a New Leaf
Bend Before You Break
Enjoy Your Unique Natural Beauty
Keep Growing

Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). Image used with permission.

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