Sunrise on Upper Kananaskis Lake (Canada)

Today I’m sharing two outstanding photos by Christopher James Martin of Christopher Martin Photography. I was captivated by the contrast of dark and light, the moodiness, the wildness and the majestic scenery. These are two images that I’ve selected from his recent post (01 Sept 2017) and are used with permission.

I recommend you visit the original post where you can view the photos at a larger size and they’ll look even more awesome than here! The original post also has more photos for you to enjoy.

Kananaskis Lakes are located in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada. The park is in Kananaskis Country about 90 kilometres west of Calgary.


The jagged profiles, mirrored reflections and rocky shoreline are all elements I love to work with and the Upper Kananaskis Lake knits these together in a beautiful way.
— Christopher Martin


Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). Images used with permission.

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