Can I have this Dance?

Twirling trees… this is the path that leads from the carpark at Larnach Castle to the Castle itself. We were there on Sunday afternoon and I was charmed by the tiered Cornus trees. To my fanciful mind they seemed to be twirling in spring delight. Whirling dervishes perhaps?! The carpet of snowdrops is still beautiful and I admired the perfect partnership of Cornus and snowdrops. The trees are Cornus controversa `Variegata’ (wedding cake tree) sporting new red shoots and first signs of emerging foliage.

rsz_larnach_cornus_snowdrops_01Carpet of snowdrops with a red and a white hellebore along the back edge

rsz_larnach_cornus_snowdrops_02Cornus gracefully presiding over the snowdrops alongside the winding path

rsz_larnach_cornus_snowdrops_03Cornus dancers

Looking towards the carpark with native cabbage trees in background. This photo taken by SO.




Text and photos by Exploring Colour unless credited otherwise (2017)

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