Euphorbia characias ‘Tasmanian Tiger’

After regularly visiting the Dunedin Botanic Garden (NZ) I think this has to be one of my very favourite plants and what a great name! I’ve only done the briefest of research but it appears to have originated at Heronswood, Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) in 1993 and is said to have “resulted from a chance cross between Euphorbia characias ‘Lambrook Gold’ and an unidentified cultivar of the same species.

My husband took these photos when we were at the gardens on Sunday. Keep in mind we’re still in winter in NZ and heading towards spring. Snowdrops are flowering well, early rhododendrons are in flower, and most magnolias have fat buds with only an occasional early one having flowers. So this Euphorbia with its light foliage and early flowers is a very welcome sight on a dull day!





I’ve cropped off the base of this photo because the base of the plant was pretty lanky. Looks like the plant needs a good prune at the appropriate time to stop it getting straggly. Like all euphorbias you should wear gloves when pruning due to the caustic sap.

Posted by Exploring Colour; photos by SO (2017)

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