Cousin Itt

My father didn’t allow TV in the house when I was a kid so I was totally mystified when a visiting blogger “thetreeographer” left this comment on my recent post that had photos of a tree fern at Larnach Castle Garden (Dunedin, New Zealand).

“I love it! Kind of has a ‘Cousin It’ feel. hahaha”.  — thetreeographer

Well, that intrigued me so I did a search and found a photo of Cousin Itt and here for your entertainment is the tree fern and Cousin Itt. According to Wikipedia “The Cousin Itt name, along with a more interactive participation, was introduced by producer David Levy in the 1964 television series The Addams Family.”


Tree fern in Larnach Castle Garden, Dunedin, New Zealand



Cousin Itt

photo from fanpop





and then I found another plant that actually has “Cousin It” as its cultivar name!

Casuarina ‘Cousin It’  —  from our cousins across the ditch  — Australia


From:  Australian Plant Image Index
Photographer:  Fagg, M
Taken at:  Mt Annan Botanic Gardens (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Casuarina ‘Cousin It’ is “a juvenile form of Casuarina glauca and is native to the NSW Central Coast.” Very good info page about this plant from Ramm HERE  Looks to be a very interesting and useful plant – glad I’ve found out about it!

Thank you to “thetreeographer” for starting me on this very interesting exploration!


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