Seeing Red at Larnach Castle, Dunedin, New Zealand

We visited the wonderful Larnach Castle garden on Sun 13 Aug 2017. Larnach Castle are celebrating 50 Years of Restoration and Innovation 1967 – 2017. Congratulations to Margaret Barker and her family for their vision and for the hard work and investment they’ve put into this property over the years.

This banner was near the entrance with a beautiful display of snowdrops underneath.


I have some more Alice in Wonderland features for you …

The Queen of Hearts Throne


Path to the Throne


The White Rabbit lurks tantalisingly in the distance, seen through this clipped arch


Bright red form of Pseudowintera colorata, an evergreen shrub or small tree endemic to New Zealand. Its also commonly referred to as pepper tree due to the hot taste of its leaves or horopito which is the Maori name. Its a wonderfully ornamental tree or shrub and can also be clipped as a hedge.


I was surprised to see the red buds on this wedding cake tree (Cornus controversa `Variegata’) near the carpark. The branches of this lovely tree grow in tiers.


Larnach Castle garden is such a treasure and when you tire of wandering around and admiring the landscape you can retreat to the Ballroom Cafe for fabulous tea and refreshments – that will be the subject of a separate post!


Words and photos by Exploring Colour with the exception of “Path to the Throne” by SO

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