From Sharing the Road to Following the Way

Having strayed away from being involved in Christian things for more years than I want to let on, I’m actively making the effort to reconnect. In May I found a blog called Looking for God in Messy Places. The posts are by Jake Owensby and the “About” page states: “Life is messy. And you’ll find God right in the middle of it. That’s the Jesus message.” Jake is the fourth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana.

If you’re wanting to find God, or perhaps you’ve been disillusioned with the church but now want to renew your relationship with Christ, I recommend Jake’s blog as being a great place to start.

Last week I found an older lesson from 2013, about what it really means to take up the Cross and follow Christ and I’ve shared a small part of the text from this lesson below.

Source:  From Sharing the Road to Following the Way


e1bd9-romerobrittoRomero Britto’s “Follow Me”


We often talk about bearing our cross, and what we mean by it has no resemblance to what Jesus had in mind. Many people refer to enduring suffering or loss or disappointment as bearing their cross. Jesus meant something else entirely.

Jesus suffered on the cross, certainly. But the point of bearing the cross is the redemption of the world. Jesus did not just throw his life away on the cross. He gave his life away for the sake of the life of the world.

To bear our cross is to approach life in a way radically different from the way the world teaches. In place of self-preservation and self-promotion, Jesus models giving our self away for the sake of others. Instead of asking, “What’s in it for me,” Jesus teaches us to ask, “What is the good I can do today in this corner of the universe I inhabit?”

Source:  From Sharing the Road to Following the Way  |  Original post HERE


Blog:  Looking for God in Messy Places  |  Jake Owensby


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