Views from Halfway Bush Road, Dunedin, New Zealand

Lovely weather today and we had a wander at the end of Halfway Bush Road and enjoyed the long-distance views. We could see snow clad mountains, the Taieri Plains (still a lot of water hanging around down there after the recent floods), Saddle Hill, and also out to sea. All photos taken with my cellphone camera.


Halfway Bush Rd becomes a rough lane with sea views out to the left, Saddle Hill centre-left, the Taieri Plains to the right, and the snow clad mountains are out-of-sight (WAY round to the right).


I held the camera above a farm gate to take this photo out to sea. Very small island just offshore.


Taieri Plains. Fertile agricultural plains but prone to serious flooding when we get a lot of rain (as we did last week – the Taieri suffered record floods).


Snowy mountains in the far distance.


We turned around to return to the vehicle and I was entranced by the beautiful clear blue sky. Such a treat after all the grey, wet, winter weather that we’ve had recently.


Words and Photos by Exploring Colour (2017)



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