Otago Museum Native Garden (Part 3)

This post continues on from Part 2 of the Otago Museum Native Garden (visited Sunday 23 July 2017). Dunedin, New Zealand. Also Part 1 and Part 4.


The tall tree is a rewarewa tree and to its left are the taraire tree and the Moeraki Boulder discussed in my last post (Part 2). The rewarewa is also known as Knightia excelsa or New Zealand honeysuckle.


The rewarewa is from the protea family and doesn’t naturally grow as far south as Dunedin but seems to be doing just fine in this situation. There’s a good web page about rewarewa at TERRAIN.


Now to the other side of the museum entry. This is a young kauri tree growing ramrod straight as they do. Kauri naturally grow in the north of the north island. To the left of the kauri is a black tree fern (mamaku or Cyathea medullaris) doing it hard down here in the south – they look magnificent up north.


Upper part of the kauri tree. For photos of what a mature kauri tree looks like and to see trunk, cone and gum photos see TERRAIN.

Kauri trees grow to over 50 metres tall with trunk girths up to 16 metres.

Words and photos by Exploring Colour (2017)


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