Office Dog Hogging the Heater in Winter

My SO has his office in a lovely shared office space in Dunedin, New Zealand. Here the building owner’s dog is hogging the heater on a very cold winter’s day (12 July 2017). We had snow, ice, hail, rain and even the very occasional burst of sunshine!

Its an historic building that’s been recently modernised inside. Wooden floors and bright colourful interior design make it a very happy space in which to be based. The owner’s dog (Monte) wanders around at will, his claws clattering on the wooden floor.

One day SO had clients in his office but his door was still open to the shared working space. Suddenly Monte raced into the room and took shelter beneath one of his client’s chairs – another little dog had turned up at the office and sounded ferocious! Guess Monte doesn’t do confrontations 🙂  Monte is a British Bulldog and is 9 years old.


SO also took a couple of shots from the building looking outside so I’ll share them for you here; these shots are looking down on Stafford Street …


Stafford Street 12 July 2017 with harbour waterfront beyond.


Another interesting shot of Stafford Street showing a parking space recently vacated by a vehicle and wheel marks in the snow.


Words by Exploring Colour & Photos by SO (2017)



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