In the Greenwood

Featured Image -- 2011

Just found this beautiful soothing song about the seasons. When you watch the video clip you also get to see a very nice selection of scenic and flower imagery including primula auricula. I loved it and it brightened up my day immensely (quite an achievement as I’m hammered by a flu bug at the moment and its the middle of winter here in New Zealand).

This reblog doesn’t seem to have pulled in the video clip but you can view it HERE

The Auricula Suite

In the Greenwood – the most wistful song from The Auricula Suite, and a celebration of the changing English seasons.

The flower moon is rising
Deer startle up on the hill
It reminds me that I’m far from home
When the clear night air is still
And cool is the spring here
When the hare runs along the hedge
My pretty flowers still bloom for you
With a green and silver edge
And the flower moon is full
The flower moon looks bright tonight
And the flower moon so full
Now I sleep alone I lay down in the greenwood
Now I sleep alone I lay down in the green leaves
By the time the harvest moon comes around
And the fox hides down in the field
There’s fire in the air and there’s storm in the hills
But my heart is still not healed
And it hurts…

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