Museum of Contemporary Art – Primavera

REBLOG: Really enjoyed this post from Rebecca Lush in Sydney. I read it on her blog Curate Your Own Adventure (great name!). I’d previously posted twice about visiting a Rebecca Baumann installation at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery (May 23 and May 31 this year). The post below (Jan 25) describes a visit Rebecca Lush made to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Sydney where she viewed another installation of Rebecca Baumann’s – one inspired by the Arrival/Departure Board of a Berlin train station. Instead of displaying times, Rebecca Baumann’s installation displays colours. Fantastic! You can actually see this installation in this video in which Rebecca Baumann discusses her works and what has inspired them.

Curate Your Own Adventure

Today I had a moment to quickly visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and their new Primavera exhibition. I am trying to visit more art galleries this year. This is primarily because I would like to expand my knowledge of how their exhibitions are designed. As I only had thirty minutes, I decided to focus on one of the two rooms displaying Primavera artwork. For those who have visited, or plan on visiting, it is the room immediately to the right of the cloakroom.

My first question was, what is Primavera? I am not very tuned into the world of art so this was the first time I had even heard of such an exhibition. To my surprise, Primavera is one of the longest running exhibitions in the country! Essentially, it is an exhibition held yearly at the MCA showcasing artwork by early career artists. One condition is that…

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The Warmth of Red

Red has always been my favourite colour and I've been hunting out some "red" photos for today's post. Cheers me up on a cold, gray, wet winter's day! Beautiful building and lovely pub to visit. Amazing plaster work inside, and chandeliers. Looks very grand! They have a great array of beers on tap but I... Continue Reading →

Soaring Albatross (Dunedin, NZ)

Royal Albatross flying over Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand. Metal door at 18 Princes Street, Dunedin (in the city centre near the Octagon).   Taiaroa Head is the only mainland breeding colony of the Royal Albatross in the world. I've provided links below to help you access information if you would like to know... Continue Reading →

Street Art | Boy Riding Fantastical Metal Horse

"Riding Dreams" by Pixel Pancho demonstrates a complex interweaving of the human form, flora, and metal to create the surreal image of a 'not quite human' boy riding a fantastical metal horse reflecting his fascination with 1950s robots. - the above description taken from the Dunedin Street Art website where you can also see many... Continue Reading →

Goats are Gorgeous

For three or four years we were privileged to own these goats. They lost no time in impressing on us that we were all one big family. They taught us about making the most of the moment; about unbridled enthusiasm, uninhibited joy, and freedom. They had a large enclosure and if we walked around the... Continue Reading →

Embracing Yellow

You can't miss Yellow! Its a stand-out colour and tends to polarise people into "I can't stand yellow" and "I love yellow" divisions. Personally I love Yellow but I'm thinking in terms of sunflowers and daffodils rather than things like highway signs and "no-passing" lines! My SO introduced me to a totally new take on... Continue Reading →

Yellow on a Gray Wet Sunday

Searching for the colour Yellow was our plan on Sunday but the cold, gray day with regular heavy rain showers didn't allow us to wander around outside. Instead, we looked to our own comfort and this is more about how Yellow found me. We took shelter in a cafe named Nectar, one of our favourites,... Continue Reading →

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