Mobile Food Caravan, Dunedin, New Zealand

Its now Friday morning in New Zealand and this means that Michael (Prema Bakery) parks his caravan on the side of the busy Kaikorai Valley Road near where I live. He makes the most delicious meat pies and assorted other baking such as Belgium Biscuits, Custard Squares, Dutch Twists, etc. I feel so fortunate that he visits here every Friday morning because any of the food that I’ve purchased from him has been top-notch!


Prema Bakery mobile food caravan in Gordon Road, Mosgiel on a Saturday morning.


The Prema Bakery caravan is in Mosgiel on Wed and Sat, and Kaikorai Valley Road (South End) on Fri. Time is from 10am until sold out or 2pm, whichever is earlier. I’d say you’d best be in before 1pm to make sure you don’t miss out.


Here you can see the inside of the caravan with the pie cabinet clearly visible. I’ve read a couple of posts from American visitors to NZ who are amazed by Kiwi pies – they haven’t come across the same thing in the US apparently.  Pies are sold hot from the pie cabinet and are like a meal-for-one in pastry. The standard pies available throughout NZ include mince, mince and cheese, steak, steak and cheese, bacon and egg, etc. In addition to these Michael offers Vegetarian and “Kumara and Venison”.


Words by Exploring Colour and Photos by SO (2017)




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