A Cute Orange Cottage Stole My Heart

Sunday 18 June in Dunedin, New Zealand. Glorious, sunny winter’s day with an almost cloudless blue sky.  My husband and I were out walking on a street, just relaxing and chatting and looking at houses, plants, gardens.


And I spotted this bright orange cottage with blue window frames and a blue door and fell head over heels in love! The cottage will never be mine – its in a student accommodation area but it was just so nice to look at!


The nearby tree is a New Zealand native commonly called the cabbage tree. Its very distinctive and its a NZ icon. The botanical name is Cordyline australis.


Cabbage trees cast fantastic shadows.


Words by Exploring Colour and photos by SO (2017)

5 thoughts on “A Cute Orange Cottage Stole My Heart

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    1. Thanks for dropping by Pete. I loved the shadows too and the last shot was one where I asked my husband to get as close as possible in order to capture the shadows. Cabbage trees are quite odd looking but I love them – like a tree out of a Dr Seuss book. When they flower they have large panicles of white flowers – very attractive. You may be familiar with them as they’re grown in the UK.

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