Old National Bank, Dunedin, New Zealand

The National Bank of New Zealand, 193 Princes Street, Dunedin, NZ.

“This is a relatively ornate large building and one of the few Dunedin buildings to show the Baroque tendencies of Edwardian architecture. It ranks with the Law Courts and the Town Hall in representing the important stone buildings of the beginning of the century.” – from Heritage New Zealand website.


“The Head Office of the National Bank is in London and the National Bank of New Zealand was established in 1872. Prior to the erection of this building the bank had only a two storied building on the site and the North Dunedin Branch on the corner of George and Hanover Streets was rather more impressive. The Head Office of the bank in Dunedin regained its superiority with the erection of this building.” – from Heritage New Zealand website

“The front is faced with stone imported from New South Wales, the lower portion being Trachyte, and the main face Pyrmont. All the stone was imported in the rough and locally dressed.” – New Building for THE NATIONAL BANK Princes Street, Dunedin, Progress, Volume VIII, Issue 10, 1 June 1913
Full article available here (http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/periodicals/P19130601.2.21)


Window reflections and beet/spinach growing in a window box.




Main entrance.


End door.


Window next to main entrance with parsley growing in window box.


Historic building | National Bank of New Zealand | Designed by C.F.McDonald in the modern classic style and built in 1911 of ferro-concrete, faced with trachyte and Sydney sandstone. Dunedin City Council.


Upper portion of the building.


Words and photos by Exploring Colour (2017). These photos taken last Sunday, 11 June 2017



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