Child’s view of Rebecca Baumann installation | Dunedin Public Art Gallery

zzzDSC_8173asA few days ago I was delighted to find a Facebook post describing the learning experience of a very young visitor to the same Rebecca Baumann installation that I visited earlier this month – blog post 23 May 2017.

Kathy Richards very kindly permitted me to share the text of her post and some of her gorgeous photographs. The original FB post was dated 17 May 2017 from Kathy Richards Home Based Childcare Dunedin. All three photographs that I am sharing with you today were taken by Kathy.

On Tuesday, we went to see Rebecca Baumann’s instalation, ‘Untitled (exploded view)’. Miss 3 liked it. She noticed how some coloured panels overlapped and their colours blended to make new colours. She specifically pointed out blue and yellow making green. She also noticed that the lighter colours, like the pale pink, were very easy to see through, while the darker ones blocked more light, but were not opaque. We also noticed that when we looked at the purple panel, on an angle, through a blue panel, the colours in purple (blue and red) seemed to separate. I was surprised that Miss 3’s favourite coloured panels were the yellow ones. She usually chooses pink and purple.

Thank you Kathy for sharing the learning experience of Miss 3 visiting this installation.

I love this verse from a poem by Damien B. Donnelly (used with permission).

Children’s minds,
so magnificent,
hold matter so magical
that ordinary moments
can become such
extraordinary miracles.

Damien B. Donnelly

Its a great treat to visit Damien’s blog – a wonderland of beautiful writing and photography that I’m totally in awe of!

Finally I present another two of Kathy’s photographs that clearly show the scale of the installation and the wonderful light and colour effects.



2 thoughts on “Child’s view of Rebecca Baumann installation | Dunedin Public Art Gallery

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  1. Wow! This is completely new to me, it is the first time I am seeing a blog of this nature. I really enjoyed reading this section and these photographs are OMG! fantastic! I look forward to reading the rest of this blog and learning more about colour. Have a great day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m certain to have a great day now after reading your lovely comment! Thank you for visiting and reading this post from way back when I first started. Its still a favourite of mine!


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