Colourful interaction at Dunedin Public Art Gallery | Rebecca Baumann


Knowing our local public art gallery had some kind of colour exhibition I stepped inside last weekend and made my way to “Untitled (exploded view)” not knowing what to expect. The installation didn’t disappoint. Large vertically-mounted coloured perspex panels were arranged throughout the gallery space, staggered with plenty of space to wander around among the panels. The gallery is well-lit with natural lighting from one end so that as you walk towards the window you can enjoy the various colours of the perspex panels. It was a little like being in a maze as people would appear and disappear while moving through the space. As you move around the panels you can position yourself to line them up in various ways to get different colour combinations. I enjoyed this colourful and fun installation and the large size of the panels created a sense of mystery and discovery. Given that we’d just had cold, rainy, snowy weather for a couple of days this colourful exhibition was particularly welcome!

Rebecca Baumann is from Perth in Australia, a fact that I found rather interesting as Western Australia is known for its stunning seasonal displays of colourful wildflowers. I was grateful to Rebecca for giving us this bright and colourful experience just as we’re heading into winter.

Rebecca’s solo exhibition Untitled (exploded view) is on at Dunedin Public Art Gallery from 18 Mar – 03 July 2017.

To hear Rebecca Baumann talking about her work see this fabulous video from Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Also a transcript of an interview with Rebecca Baumann (Varia Karipoff from Art Guide Australia, 8 Feb 2017

Reviewed by Robyn Maree Pickens in Art Seen 01 June 2017 (Otago Daily Times)

NB. I’ve done another blog post on this exhibition May 31 2017


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